Tuesday, March 15, 2011

piadeco vs government,

piadeco, claim the property,
title 4136 certificate title 57,

titulo de propiedad 4136,
authentic title
in NBI investigate
because the title is
approved by LATER PRES,

the true owner name is don mariano san pedro
second owner friend his mariano san pedro
ignacio condrado, condrado was die
the title is giving the daugther maria socorro condrado
heirs of ignacio property,

maria socorro and piadeco members
negotiate because the title is redeem
by piadeco,

chairman of piadeco
name is don wilfredo sumulong torres,
cousin of later pres. cory sumulong cojuangco aquino,

the title 4136 is abolished, because to all property
transfer the tct 57,

the 4136 title is mistake because the two dated, june25,
june 28,

the true dated is june 25,

the title is null in void,
because the name of engracio san pedro,
and justino benito,

the title is effect because victory defense
to nawasa and burea of forestry and
armed forces of the philippines,

from now on title is effect,

not effect the title because
the other people, the government
the true syndicate

wilfredo sumulong torres
aKa robinhood in the eyes of government regime

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  1. The certificate was signed by Wilfredo Sumulong Torres as Piadeco chair and the Montalbo brothers as area coordinator and control officer.

    In a phone interview, Calimpak village chieftain Recy Villanueva also disclosed that Balbino Virtucio, one of her barangay policemen, was also fooled by the syndicate and had already handed more than P100,000 to the Montalbos in exchange for the right to own at least 11 hectares of land in Guinayangan.

    Reports said the Montalbos claimed that the entire Guinayangan town, which has a total land area of 22,800 hectares, is part of the huge property of Piadeco under an ancient title.

    Police said the two vouched for the legality of the Spanish title based on the alleged Supreme Court decision on June 28, 1968.

    However, Lagdameo, who has been helping police gather evidence against the syndicate, managed to secure a certified photocopy of a Supreme Court decision on December 18, 1996 that had declared “Titulo de Propriedad Nos. 4136” as “null and void.”

    Lagdameo also found that Piadeco was not a listed company at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    “We believe that we have successfully foiled the plan of the syndicate to deceive thousands of unwary landless residents of Guinayangan, “ Batibot said.

    He said they were forced to release the Montalbo brothers due to the absence of criminal charges against the two.

    Lagdameo said she also reported the case to the Camp Crame-based Anti-Squatting Task Force and the HUDCC for proper action against the syndicate.

    It was learned that Torres is also allegedly the subject of a police investigation over charges of large-scale estafa and land grabbing involving huge tracts of land in the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal.